Facials and Skin Esthetics

$37 Application
$35 Lesson


$125 Myoxy-Caviar Treatment
Improves skin texture and elasticity and results in a tighter, firmer, resurfaced skin with an
unequivocal youthful radiance.

$85 Lacto peel
30% lacto-peel provides the skin with a smooth texture, minimizes wrinkles
and lightens hyper pigmentation. The skin emerges wonderfully hydrated and radiant.

$95 Ageless Acne Treatment
An Anti-bacterial facial that promotes healing of acne-prone skin.

$85 Desincrustation Treatment
Reduce excess oil. smoothe and clarify skin texture.

$95 RS2 Rosacea Treatment
Your skin will be treated with the most beneficial, active ingredient that aid in the calming of rosacea. couperouse and rosacea acne.



$95  Oxyvital Treatment

For sensitive, post-operative and environmentally over-exposed skin. Promotes healing and reduces redness.

$95 Plantomier Treatmant

High in natural antibiotics, smoothes skin while it promotes exceptional glow for sensitive skin.


$75 Eye Contour Treatment
This treatment defies age and targets wrinkles, smoothes fine lines and firms the eyelids. Perfect for tired eyes.

$25 De-stress Puffy Eye Treatment
Smoothes stressed and fatigued eyes while it relieves puffiness.

$25 De-stress Wrinkle Eye Treatment

This outstanding mask combats wrinkles and restores youthful skin.


$95 PevoReclaim Treatment

Ideal for firming skin and smoothing wrinkles 100 percent freeze dried Collagen(mairne) and Elastin(mairne)  in a Hyaluronic acid  base for moisture.

$95 Lightening Treatment
Ideal for correcting hyperpigmentation and discoloring associated with overexposure to sun and other elements.

$95 PevoRefine Treatment
Tightens the pores and resurfaces skin  texture, the perfect choice to repair light scaring. This is 100 percent Mairne d.n.a. in a Hyaluronic base for hydration.

$95 Luminous C & Sea Treatment

A wonderful facial with 3 layers of seaweed, to revitalize skin and counteract photo-aging.

$95 ANT- Free Radial Treatment
A restorative mask that tightens and delivers essential vitamins, leaving behind firm, vibrant and glowing skin.

$95 Elastofirm Treatment

Promotes a bright, radiant, youthful look for those with post-operative skin.

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